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The IFC hosts a variety of programs and events, an events calendar can be found here.

Worship and Sharing Circle- Currently suspended due to Covid-19


Every Thursday throughout fall, winter and spring the IFC holds a sharing circle at 11:00 . The circle aims to help attendees get in touch with the creator, combining biblical passages with sacred aboriginal teachings. After a short reading each person is invited to share their struggles, triumphs, and anything else that is significant in their lives.

Kids' Camp and After School Programs


During the summer, kids aged 5-12 are invited to participate in a six week long camp. The program is free, and includes crafts, field trips, and lunch. We also host a literacy focused after school kids program during the school year.  


Beading Circle and Handcraft Workshops- Currently suspended due to Covid-19


The North End is full of talented artisans, skilled at painting, carving, leatherwork, and beadwork. Our drop-in beading and handcraft workshops are open to anyone, of all skill levels and is a time to learn a new skill, teach your expertise, and create together as a community. 

In addition to traditional handcrafts, the IFC also offers workshops in a variety of other mediums- from needlefelting and sewing machine basics, to embroidery and weaving.

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