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Radical Action

IFC is a radical place. Okay, this may not be what you expected, even wanted to hear! But what IFC is hearing is a call from God to offer Radical Hospitality. Radical Hospitality is motivated by grace, like the action of the Good Samaritan, it is not done to win favour, or bring a just reward, on earth or in heaven. In a new book, Inviting Wonder, author barb janes, minister at Crescent Fort Rouge United Church in Osborne Village, asks, “Can we be faithful without expectation of being rewarded?” She continues, “Hospitality is a demanding spiritual practice. In many churches, … the gestures of welcome are accompanied by the hope of reward: that the newcomers will request offering envelopes and sit on committees. This hospitality with strings attached is a tit-for-tat relationship, modeled on our non-church life. If i invite you to dinner at my house, there is an implicit expectation between us that you will invite me to dinner at your house. But what if Christian hospitality is not about reciprocity? What would it look like if Christian hospitality was not about gaining results but letting go of results? What if the way to do the right thing is to do it no matter the results?”

To order a copy of the book visit the website

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